Safari Tours: Natural history tours of Norfolk's most outstanding wild habitats.

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FEEL LIKE A DAY OUT WITH A DIFFERENCE?  Perhaps you'd like to get to know Norfolk a bit better or simply want to broaden your existing knowledge of the county? Whatever your reason, you've arrived at the best place to start planning the next stage of a memorable outdoors adventure. The information provided on this page is designed to whet your appetite and offer a brief outline of a normal day's touring, regardless of the habitat you happen to have chosen for your specific day out.

The Safari Tours
: First and foremost, Norfolk Nature Safari Tours are not list-oriented field trips where as many species of animal (usually birds) are chased down in one hectic day, simply to be ticked-off. The principle reasoning behind any day tour is for you, as a paying customer, to reap the most rewards from your experience. After all, this is the philosophy behind the nature tours. To understand how a habitat evolved and what forces shaped it takes an holistic, broad view of the total scene, which is precisely the approach we'll take. Rather than simply running through an assemblage of flora and fauna known to be present in a particular region, your day will focus on how the landscape was formed, how and why the plants and animals came to be there and the effects of mankind on their future existences. 

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: The day-tour itinerary can be as flexible or as structured as you wish. Ideally, the tried and tested, planned route of the day will be adhered to. This is going to offer you the best chance of experiencing a particular habitat to its fullest and really getting to grips with its flora, fauna, landscape and geology. However, if you have a special zoological or botanical interest or a desire to see something in particular, your day can be tailored to meet these requirements. Please note that some sites might be off limits at certain times of year, so please ask at the time of booking if you have a special request.

The Personal Touch
: For the ultimate hands-on experience, one-on-one day tours are without doubt the best way to get-to-grips with a particular environment. You'll get expert, firsthand knowledge throughout the duration of the day from a guide with 1000s-of-hours of field experience. This personal touch lends itself ideally to a flexible approach and makes for easy adaptation to whatever the day brings. If something of great interest materialises, the schedule can be thrown out of the window and you won't be missing a thing.
Group Safaris
: Group numbers are kept very low, ensuring a hands-on, personal touch throughout the day which also keeps distractions to a minimum. No more than 5-people can be accommodated on any given trip, and children or family groups are most welcome. At present, group safaris are a work in progress and not yet available. It is hoped they will be up-and-running by summertime 2016. Please enquire for further details.
Exclusive Access
: During the course of the day, you'll gain access to exclusive areas not open to the public. These are predominantly large farming estates whose natural history interest is significant, where some truly exclusive views of rare species can be obtained. These privileges of access are hard to come by and in some instances leaving the tour vehicle will not be possible, particularly where nesting birds are concerned. However, on other less sensitive sites, where access by foot is not overtly disruptive, close-up views of elusive plants and animals are possible.

On The Day
:  To make the most of your day and to get best value for money, an early start is absolutely essential. Many, many hours of field knowledge lead to one very important conclusion: the most interesting animal behaviour often occurs during dusk or dawn; the crepuscular. This is not an absolute rule, but a good one to stick by. For this reason, your safari day will start before dawn and end when there is no longer sufficient natural light to see properly. On some occasions, we might be able to extend the day's activities into the night. Specific times and designated rendezvous points for each tour will be established at the time of booking.

A moderate amount of time each day will be spent in-vehicle. This will include travel-time from one location to the next or observing interesting animal behaviour with the vehicle acting as a discrete 4-wheeled hide. Baggage space is no concern during one-on-one safari days so you are welcome to bring a sensible amount of gear with you. For multi-person trips, one medium sized ruck-sack per person is the maximum baggage allowance. We will of course get out on foot where possible but long treks are not part of the day.
What Do I Need
: Clothing will need to be appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions, season and time of day (The Land Rover's windows are always open, so a warm hat and fleece are essential items!) Sun block is recommended, whether or not the sun is shining. You won't be expected to walk great distances over the course of the day, although stout walking boots are recommended when we're off the beaten track. A gas stove is always in the wagon, so a hot brew at any time of the day is only the stroke of a fire-steel away; clean drinking water will be provided, but food will not, in which case a full day's worth of sustenance will be necessary to bring with you. (Dunking biscuits are an exception, and will be provided.) Binoculars, spotting scopes, magnifying loupes and cameras are other highly recommended bits of field kit to have with you. A first aid kit is always carried in the vehicle and your guide has undergone emergency first aid training.

And Finally, The Vehicle
: No safari is complete without a Land Rover, and no vehicle is better suited to safari life than a Land Rover. Properly serviced, maintained and ready for action, you'll travel in a Land Rover Defender 90 or Defender 110 Station Wagon. Rough tracks and areas inaccessible to standard road going vehicles won't restrict your access to the more remote parts of Norfolk, where a Land Rover will tackle all obstacles in its stride. Your driver and guide is an experienced off-road motorist and also qualified to instruct road driving to DVLA qualification standards.